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This black coffee cup brings the right attitude to your morning rituals thanks to its ORCA coating. Each cup holds 11 ounces of beverage and is made of durable black ceramic material with a glossy finish. In addition, the comfortable, C-shaped handle makes it easy to grip and enables effortless sipping..:

One size: 0.33 l

 11 oz
Height, cm9:50 a.m
Diameter, cm8:00 a.m
Diameter (with handle), cm11.50

.: ORCA coating

.: Durable black ceramic material with a glossy finish

.: C-shaped easy-to-use handle

.: Shiny surface

I Crawled From The Grave Skull Black Coffee Mug, 11 oz

SKU: 19134340643506652479
Sales Tax Included
  •   11 oz
    Height, cm 9:50 a.m
    Diameter, cm 8:00 a.m
    Diameter (with handle), cm 11.50
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